Magnus Friends

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Azulito, our cat

It's hairy and soft just like my other friends with the exception that this one moves without having to wind anything

My best friend sofar ....

Jan talks about Mc. Donald and Weisswurst all the time, Hmmmm doubt if it'll be better though


Soft and furry, doesn't move at all, but nice and cute though

Torvald (Big ears) and Gunnar

They came together as a package ...


Azulito on MY mat ... thats what happens to things that move all out ther own ..


Matilda the cat

A big ball of fur that moves ...

They call it a Mia !?


He allways shares my bath with me, and strangly enough Mummy always goes "Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit" when she hold him ??

Friends in my bed


Didn't like this at first, makes sounds when you press the belly, getting use to it now


I sleep with Torvald :-)


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